Friday, June 6, 2008

Severs Disease!

Last year CoolDude started to complain of sore feet. I dismissed them as growing pains and told him not to worry as they would go away. He went back to school this year and the complaints become more frequent. I reasured him his feet would eventually get used to the extra sports he was doing and that it was still those pesky growing pains. Then I noticed he was walking rather strangely........ so I wisked him off to the Podiatrist!
He has been diagnosed with Severs Disease.

"Sever's disease is a condition that affects growing adolescents,
usually between the ages of 9 to 14 years old. Adolescents who have Server's
disease experience pain in one or both of their heels when walking.
Sever's disease occurs just before the closing of the heel bone growth plate. At this
time in the child's development, the Achilles tendon is pulling on the heel bone with a significant amount of force; this causes increasing tension on the heel
bone. The result is inflammation where the Achilles tendon attaches to the heel."


The podiatrist took casts of his feet, and two days ago we received these inner soles which CoolDude slips into his shoes/tackies. I'll let you know on his progress..... but I can vouch for a lot more speed on the tennis court today!



Gill said...

Paula also has to wear inserts, she got them a couple of months ago. Her problem isn't Severs Disease, but pronation of the feet. You might find that in a couple of days the pain may get worse as he adapts to the inserts - Paula got pain in her knees for a while. Now that she is used to them, she finds that the inserts help immensely.

Halfmoon Girl said...

I'm glad you were able to find out the reason for his pain. Hope the inserts help!

KC said...

Oh my goodness, Fee.
My son who is 8 years old was told about 2 months ago, after over a month of pains in his heal that he had Severs Disease.. ONLY we didn't see the foot doctor it was just his Regular baby doctor.. So he didn't get the cast made(now I"m wondering if I should take him to the foot doctor) What his normal doctor is having us do, is wear gel heal inserts(that you just buy at the store) and take ibprophen when he is having pain.
Up until reading this post I never came across anyone who had heard of Severs Disease.. they all look at me like I'm crazy when I tell them that is what Mr Man has.

Shan said...

I think I might have had this same thing when I was his age. I was a basketball player and I remember such a crushing heal pain I could hardly practice some days. Go figure. Glad his Dr.s could figure out what's going on

KIM said...

Glad you found out what was happening with CoolDude!
I wonder if thats whats happening with my 9 year old son. For a long time now he has complained of his feet bothering him. Sometimes to the point he has to take pain meds for him to sleep. Its very bothersome to him. Very interesting!