Monday, July 14, 2008

Yebo....... We're pitch black & powerless!

I sit here posting in the dark! Eskom(S.Africa's only electricity company) is playing silly boogers again and without any notice they have cut the power! We have a small generator....... but Murphy's Law...... Mrgee unplug it two nights ago as we hadn't needed to use it in a while! It was taking up space in the lounge so MrGee let it's power run down and he packed it away under the staircase! Urgggggghhhhh! And then the power ....... "she go out!" I have posted a clip of my favourite radio show ...... The Rude Awakening...... they are very clever( at times rather risque!), and in the clip below they have written a song about our ever increasing darkness in the S. of A.!!!

CoolDude is making food on the gas stove and I blog quickly before my notebook battery dies on me!


(BTW..... CoolDude loves to cook! Just incase you thought I was being a lazy so-n-so sitting on my blog and demanding my child to cook dinner!!)


Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

How frustrating! What is the point of the power outages? Conservation? I don't really get it-

ByHISgoodGRACE said...


Fifi said...

Kathleen..... the power outages are happening because of poor management and lack of planning!!!!!

la bellina mammina said...

does that happen often? MR is like CoolDude, he loves to help me cook AND bake!

Elinor Dashwood said...

What a bummer. I bet as soon as the power goes back on MrGee will plug that baby right back in though, huh?!? Thanks goodness for gas stoves so you can cook/eat, and thank goodness for laptop computers with batteries!!!

I hope you're back to 'normal' soon. Big hugs,

P.S. My kids love to cook as well, so I didn't even give it a second thought when you said that CoolDude was cooking. He'll be a great husband someday - let him practice cooking all he wants!! hee hee

Shan said...

Teeheehee and what a pain in the hind. Sorry about your power iffiness Fee. My only other power compromised friend is also in Africa but way up N. in Senegal. She has had terrible frustrations with this lately as well. I don't know what your temps are where you are but I hope it's temperate so you aren't suffering the weather with the outages. Hang in there Fifi!

I'm holding out hope that my 5yr old will enjoy cooking. I should try to act like I'm having more fun in there, I s'pose. :)

Chasity said...

I am sorry about the power outages, but the clip of the songs were great. So funny, but I can laugh since I am not without power.
Be blessed,