Friday, August 22, 2008

A changed man......

MrGee was not that keen on having a daughter, in fact both of us wanted only boys! Apparently MrGee saw his sister giving his Dad a hard time in her teen years, and decided that adult life would be a happier experience without that stress! I just felt having boys would be far less complicated. (I was a complicated teen with some major insecurities.)

So when God blessed us with two boys we were extremely happy! Then our world was beautifully shattered in an unexpected and wonderful way. I fell pregnant, and immediately knew it was a girl! I even went out and bought a pink baby grow. Suspicions were confirmed and MrGee started to panic....... he was not ready for this "pink creature!" What games would he play with her? Would he feel confident to change her nappy?

On 6th Sept 2004 I was induced and gave birth to the prettiest thing alive!!! She was 3.4 kgs and a feisty little one! The Paediatrician on call told me " You have a girl with a lot of attitude!"


And so, this "pink creature" entered our lives and changed it FOREVER!!
TanziPanzi turns 4 in a couple of weeks and MrGee and I are so glad God blessed us with her! She has crept easily into MrGee's heart. She adores him as much as MrGee adores her. She has truely captivated his heart!!!



supermom said...

I would have LOVED a little girl. You truly are blessed :)

Chasity said...

That is such a sweet post.
Be blessed,

Halfmoon Girl said...

Aww, nothing like a daddy and his little girl.

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

What a blessing she is in your family--and you are all so good to her. I always thought I'd have girls and here I am overwhelmed with my boys that I love dearly!

Gill said...

Having had first hand experience of the hooligans that are "Richardson boys" (him being one and all ;-)) Grant only wanted girls and that's what we got. He loves his girls! But I sometimes wonder if he wouldn't also have loved having a boy around (not that I am willing to test the theory!) I think you were blessed with the best of both worlds :-)

KIM said...

I adore seeing dads with their daughters --- such a special relationship.

tamlovesran said...

When I started reading your old blog Tanna had just turned 2 and you had posted photos of her cake and party. It was those photos that first drew me to your blog.

I have always hoped for a girl, but sometimes I think that I have so far to go in my Christian walk that I wouldn't be able to lead a daughter properly.

She does have a precious relationship with her Daddy doesn't she.