Monday, August 25, 2008

What am I gonna do Mom?

WizzKid is good at many things but at art he is bad, an' I mean really bad!!This last week he was asked to draw a poster informing people what to do in the event of a natural disaster. He chose to do it on Tsunamis.He came walking to the car with a very worried look upon his mug.
"Mom, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I have to draw a poster and I don't think I can do it!"
As we drove home from school I reassured him that I'd show him how to create a poster that required very little drawing at all. We spoke about the 3 elements(wave, buildings, hills) that were needed in the poster, and he assigned the colours. Photobucket

WizzKidd cut out the coloured card,outlined the shapes in black felt pen and drew rectangular windows on the buildings. I wrote the heading, and he inked it in. He loved the bold colours and I think the simple message works well.

Another project complete...... whew!



Elinor Dashwood said...

Great job Mom...oh, I mean um, WizzKid! hee hee My Dad used to help me a LOT with school when I needed it. I remember him making 2 projects for me in both physics and chemistry. I (actually he) got an 'A' and I was so proud (of him!).

Kids can't be good at everything, so don't feel bad if he's not good at art! Not many people are - ever see some of that modern art stuff?? I'm SURE he could do better than the ugly ones you see in know the ones. They generally have paint either splattered all over, or they're a bunch of boxes or circles drawn randomly. YUK! They call it modern art, I call it ugly! = )

Keep up the good work!


tamlovesran said...

The poster looks great!

Shan said...

You're using your strengths together for the greater good. I'm not a great artist but I certainly am a better artist than a mathematician (and speller too apparently). Wizzkid seems to have a business mathy mind, which will take him veeeery far indeed. :)
I love how you are faunching at the bits to homeschool again by the way Fifi. heehee

Things like that video always make me reconsider the possibilities for a moment. ;)

Kim said...

Great job! Looks super. Do you have those there? Tsunamis?