Thursday, August 14, 2008

Creative CoolDude.

CoolDude is such a precious child...... he has a very soft, kind heart, and eyes that "leak" very easily.(Although this has improved considerably!) He loves doing crafts, cooking and drawing.
He came home yesterday from school and said "Would you like this?" He presented me with this gorgeous bead necklace!

Apparently (after drawing the information out of him) he was the only one who decided to do a multi-colour necklace. The rest were either monotone or consisted of 2-3 colours. He told me he made it multi colour because he knows I love lots of bright colours. (Oh yes I do!)
Here is my handsome boy designing grafitti and being watched by our kitty, Tiggy-Pooh!
I look forward to seeing where his creative talent takes him. He often tells us that he is going to be a famous car designer. We believe in you CoolDude!



Beth said...

Aww, that really is SO sweet! What a precious gift you have in him!

Mom of 5 said...

How cute and sweet !

supermom said...

That's so sweet of him! Sounds like something Jason would do

kim said...

What a sweet kiddo! So thoughtful to bless you this way.....

Love how your kitty is right there with him. Ahhhhh must be best buds!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Wow, he made you a lovely necklace.