Thursday, October 16, 2008

TanziPanzi is growing up!

Tanzi came home from Preschool yesterday and announced " The primary colours are red , blue and yellow!" After a rare pause of silence Tanzi asked,"Where did all the other colours go?"
So I pulled out the Plasticine and got her mixing different colours. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to enjoy some hands on learning.
A month ago Cooldude gave his Notebook to Tanzi. Overnight she became a game addict! She refuses to let me help her! (Stubborn little buzzard! )
The other day I went through all my fabrics and cut off the unneeded bits. When Tanzi came home from school I presented her with the scraps ...... her eyes lit up and she declared, "I think my kitty needs clothes!."
The clothes designing keep her busy for a couple of hours. Tanzi cut and stuck fabric together with sticky tape...... she had a ball!

Oh well MrGee is coming home tonight and we're going on a date.


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