Sunday, November 16, 2008

She's sure she can dance!

The kids and I are avid fans of "So you think you can dance." I am sure we are watching the season that my american friends saw 6 months ago, never the less, we still love it dearly!!!
Little miss Tanzi has always had a passion for music and dancing..... so here she is doing her "So you think you can dance" routine!!!

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Shan said...

I think she can too!! :D That is one of my absolute favorite shows. I can't wait to see fancy Tanzi on it some day! I wish I had been dancing instead of trying gymnastics and softball back in my early years.

Diane said...

I have no words to express how cute I thought this was. Tanzi is just so wonderfully sweet. Tell her I LOVED her dance, and please give her a huge hug for me...She sure made me smile.

Gill said...

How cute is that!!!!

Livin' out loud said...

She CAN dance!! We have been waiting eagerly around here for the show to return....we love it so much that we have actually watched the re runs on MTV!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

She is so cute- I love how she played with her hair there. You have such a cool accent!

KC said...

oh my goodness, that is so cute..
I love how she turns and then does the whole playing with her hair thing.. Way to funny.

ByHISgoodGrace said...


lots of love

Chasity said...

I love it!!! She is sooooo cute.
We love the show as well.
Be blessed,