Monday, November 24, 2008

Such a surprise!

I would have posted before on this, as my birthday was a week ago, but I had to wait to get pics from a friend. MrGee organised a surprise High Tea for my 39th B-day!




A couple of these friends I have known since I was 13, so we go WAY back! One very dear friend, Alison, used to be my clubbing buddy. We had great fun together in the unsaved chapters of our lives. Most of the other girls I met through my Hubby and the church I was welcomed into when I first became a Christian.(16 years ago!) And of course..... my dear Mom made the long trek down to celebrate with me! I was so blessed!



Chell said...

Hey there :) I saw your comment on Rox's page and decided to come over and have a look.. :)

Keep well..God bless

Gill said...

What a lovely surprise. Your hubby is a superstar for doing that!

sara's art house said...

What a special B-day celebration!!! Happy Belated B-day!

I will wish you a Happy American Thanksgiving today :)