Saturday, January 24, 2009

Week one is done!

We had a wonderful first week back at Gibbons FunSchool! We learnt LOADS, but the best was that we ALL had fun as the learning happened!

In fact, .... WizKid noted in his diary that " TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY! SCHOOL WAS AWESOME. IF I THINK ABOUT IT, I HAVE NEVER USED SCHOOL AND AWESOME IN THE SAME SENTENCE BEFORE!!" ( yebo,yebo.... I love that boy of mine!)

Changing the subject ...... On Friday MrGee had to under go general anesthetic, and have 6 Lipomas cut out of his arms. He is now fine and just experiencing a small amount of pain. Thank the Lord us females were given the task of bearing children!

I thought I would post a pick of the boys attempting a pencil sketch.

They made me PROMISE that I woud not publish their personal art works ....SO unfortunately you do not get to see their masterpieces!!! I told them the objective was not to create an awesome piece of art, but rather to try and capture on paper(to the best of their ability) what they saw infront of them. I was pleasantly a good way!



Mrs. Guthrie said...

AWESOME!!! Glad you guys are back to what you love doing!

tamlovesran said...

Congratulations on a great start.