Saturday, February 7, 2009

The 36th Midmar Mile

WizzKid swam a mile across the Midmar Dam with approximately 18 000 other swimmers! We think he did it in about 25 minutes, but we will find out the exact time soon.
The finish .............(below)
WizzKid with three of his swimming buddies.
My Mom and Dad live very close to Midmar Dam, so we got together for lunch at a very picturesque spot. The food took FOREVER to arrive, but the beautiful setting definately made up for the slow service.
The view ....... of Howick Falls.
It was a fabulous day...... enjoyed by all!
We have had mist and drizzle for many weeks, so to feel the sun's rays and soak up a good dose of vitamin D was just what we all needed!!



Mom 2 six said...

That is amazing !!
Beautiful pictures- way to go !

Big Red Driver said...

What a beautiful place and family!!

Gill said...

Well done to Whizz-Kid!! We haven't been to the Mile for a couple of years now, I miss it - love that vibe!

Trina said...

I am TOTALLY impressed with wizzkid!! Wowzers!

supermom said...

That is SO awesome!! Congrats to him!