Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We bunked school on a Monday!!

Yesterday the sun streamed into our room at about 5:30 am and MrGee and I both woke up delighted! You see .... since we moved to Hillcrest we have not seen much of Mr Golden Sun. Misty, humid and wet days have really been getting us down!
So we packed the boat and headed for Inanda Dam.

Tanzi was gobsmacked to see me in a bikini top and shorts...... she giggled and said "Are you wearing your costume 'cause you are not a fat chick anymore?" I nervously laughed and jumped quickly into the dam for water coverage.



Chasity said...

That is one of the many reasons I LOVE homeschool. You can go when you need too. I love that Tanzi Panzi...she is too funny.
I have awards for you come by and see.
Be blessed,

Jerelene said...

It looks like you were able to enjoy a beautiful day! We looked your location up on Google Earth last night. It's amazing how far away we are from each other. Your country is Beautiful!! Your Tanzi makes me smile!! She is a cutie:-)

Michelle said...

heehee! Tanzi is the cutest little thing.....love her little pose in the picture! she is a cutie!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Fifi, your Tanzi is very lovely and charming. I enjoyed reading your post here. You got a very nice blog in here.

Big Red Driver said...

What beautiful scenery! Your family inspires me to have fun!

supermom said...

That looks AWESOME. Homeschooling...gotta love it. Wish I could (as I always say) :)