Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miss Tanzi's Bedroom revamp.

I love to be creative ....... it may be to blog, sew, paint, mosaic, or just create new hairstyles in Tanzi's hair but as long as I am making or doing something with my hands ...... I AM VERY HAPPY! At the moment I am doing up Tanzi's bedroom.
Thank goodness MrGee was not home tonight, because he wouldn't have been too happy about the painting being done on our dining room table.(Sorreeeeee babes!) But I did need a lot of space! (Forgiven?)

Cooldude was eager to help with the painting of the mirror ........

And so I started the wall paintings for Miss Tanzi's bedroom.

I am happy so far!



Chasity said...

I LOVE the colors. We are in the process of redeco too. My twins are boy/girl, they share a room. They have toddler beds, age 4. So we are getting big boy/girl beds and seperating them. Putting my girls together and my boy his own room. My girls room will be pink...that is there fav. I love the lilac colors in Tanzi's room as well. So we are doing a pink room and a cars/red/blue room. So much fun.
Be blessed,

Shan said...

Lookin' good in the neighborhood! I'm sure she's going to love it!

Polly Pockets would be such tiny trouble to clean. For the boys it's the eensie weensie Lego that spread all over the living room in our house. The dogs think it's kibble which doesn't help ;).