Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Healthy competition.

WizzKid has loved swimming for the past 3 years. He has remained focused and committed, training a minimum of 10 hours, (sometimes 14 hours ) a week.
CoolDude, on the other hand, has not enjoyed swimming for the past year. But MrGee and I have felt to keep him at it. He suffers from Sever's Disease (it sounds worse than it really is!) and swimming is the ideal sport for this condition. He also has large, flat feet, and a very natural breastroke style which are both indications that he just might excel in the water!

About 2 months ago CoolDude came to me and said " Mom I LOVE swimming!" Boy was I surprised. After watching a few of his training sessions I realised that the competition bug had got a hold of him. In his mind he was no longer swimming endless lengths of the pool, but he was now SWIMMING TO WIN ! I noticed it in the way he looked at his opponent in the adjacent lane.
You might be wondering why I have displayed pics of the boys bods? Well this competition in the water, has started a war at home! Both boys are dilligently working on their 6 packs.They are determined to be more defined then the other!



mary grace said...

Your boys are adorable ... and hilarious, too!

supermom said...

Quintus suffers from Sever's disease too

Big Red Driver said...

Okay, I'm going to start swimming. They look great!