Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Best friends .....

This is Miss Tanzi(on right) with her best friend Tayla.
They have such a sweet relationship. I know Tanzi is going to be devastated when Tayla immigrates to Australia. Tanzi told me the other day ....... "Tayla says I can go with her." They are that close.

It is so sad to see our kiddies friendships being torn apart. It is said that kids are resilient, they rebound quickly!Perhaps most kids just know that ," Yes, I know children are meant to be resilient, but it surprises me when Tanzi(age 4) still asks "When will we see Tamar again?" (Tamar was a very close friend of Tanzi who left for Australia 2 years ago!)
Resilient ?...... I think they experience the same emotions that we, us adults, experience! I believe these 'small' events effect them more than we'll ever know!


Elinor Dashwood said...

Oh how sweet! I love her friends names...all starting with the letter 'T'. We're going through those same emotions with our son these days. We are moving across town, but his best friend is also moving across the country. He is devastated!! They've been friends since birth and they're both 14 now. I agree with you, kids have those same feelings we grown-ups have. I hope that Tanzi finds another friend...not to replace those who moved (and are moving) away, but to add to her list of kindred spirits!!

Have a great weekend!

Jerelene said...

What a sweet picture!! That is so heartwarming..I'm sure that they will never forget each other. With today's technology maybe they can still keep in touch? As adorable as Tanzi is I know she'll have many new friends to make too!!! (Love what you've done with the page!! I LOVE purple!) Love, Jerelene

Chasity said...

So sweet. Love the new template. Who drew the pic, Miss Tanzi?? Have a great week.
Be blessed,

Kate said...

Oh that's sad. But those girls are just too adorable!