Friday, June 5, 2009

Horses with what?

Mr CoolDude is one funny guy! He sees things from a different angle and always keeps us entertained with his unique sayings. At the age of three/four he exclaimed after seeing cows grazing in a field, "Look horses with horns!" This has become a family favorite ..... and a holiday would be incomplete without a family member quoting these words of CoolDude.

This morning CoolDude was given the task of writing a short story.He is a maths boy so English is not his best!
After being told to revise his 'hook'(the beginning), then his ending and lastly the 'body' of his story, he was shattered!! After about an hour he literally flung the book on my desk and declared , "That was the most agonizing hour of my life!"

Have a fab weekend!!


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sara's art house said...

He may not like to write, but he has a good vocabulary!