Thursday, July 23, 2009

Miss Tanzi's "Lelly" needs prayer ....

When we moved to Johannesburg in 1999, I was very nervous to take on domestic help, as I had had an awful experience with a previous helper who stole alot of my jewelry, clothes, CDs and even chickens out of our freezer.
I decided to write a list of the qualities I required in my new helper. I gave a copy to an African lady at our church, and told her that if she knew of anyone who fitted this description she was to send the lady over to me for an interview. Then I prayed.

Basically I was looking for a gentle, Christian lady who was reliable, trustworthy and good with small children. Also on the list was " to have a good attitude and to be friendly." Notice I mentioned nothing about being a good cleaner, cook, washer or ironer! I just wanted someone that would fit well into our family ........ and that is exactly what I got. Yes, we've had a couple of challenges but all in all Nelly has been a real blessing to us all!
She has become an integral part of our family and in Sept of this year she will have worked 10 years for us.
Dec 2006
Unfortunately Nelly, is extremely sick. She has severe tuberculosis and is on medication for the next 6 months. I sent her home 5 weeks ago to rest and regain her strength. I called her today, and she seems to be getting worse.

Please keep her in your prayers ...... she means a great deal to us. Miss Tanzi adores her "Lelly".



tamlovesran said...

Praying for her!

Beth said...

I'll definitely be praying for this sweet lady in your family's life!

Eileen said...

Yes, I will keep your family and this wonderful 'family' member of yours in my prayers.
All the best,

Jerelene said...

I'm sorry to hear that she is so sick!! That's terrible..I will definately keep her in my prayers and your family too!!
Love, Jerelene

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Please let her know that she has friends far and wide that are praying for her... praying right now!

Kimalita said...

How is Nelly feeling after a few more weeks?