Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Speedo Prestige Championships.

Both CoolDude and WizzKid competed in the Speedo Prestige Gala which was held at Kingspark in Durban.It was CoolDude's first proper swimming event ..... he rose to the challenge and swam beautifully. The gala hosted clubs from all over South Africa. He made first reserve(placed 11th) for the 50M Butterfly.

Below is CoolDude waiting to step up onto the block ...... looking a little anxious..... yes!

Below is WizzKid shunting it in the 50M Butterfly ..........

Below CoolDude is focused on his Backstroke pull ............

Below WizzKid exhausted ..................

Each of them competed in 9 events. WizzKid JUST missed a Level 3 time in his 200M Freestyle by 0.04 seconds! He did very well and took off quite a few seconds on each race!

OF COURSE now that WizzKid is almost 14, these swimming events hold even more excitement, as he gets to connect with like minded pretty gals!

Miss Tanzi is hugging Brittney ........... WizzKid's first major crush. They live 6 hours away from each other, but I am sure WizzKid will be logging into FaceBook alot more these days!

I love seeing my son grow up, it's a very special time.



Eileen said...

Great swimmers! Congratulations!

And I know the girls and boys are very young, but what an adorable couple they make! This is too cute!

And kudos to you, enjoying every phase of their lives! Some Moms don't like to see their kids grow up, but even though I found it bittersweet at times, I was like you, I enjoyed it all! Each age brings it's own joy!

Jerelene said...

Congrats to both of the boys and to you!! I bet you are SO proud!
It's understandable that he would have such a pretty girl..he is a very handsome young man..again, I bet you are so proud..all of your kids are just beautiful!!
I wanted to tell you that my friend Marcy @ Blessings each day, lives in Georgia...she might be a good person for you to talk to!!
Have a wonderful week!
Love, Jerelene

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Wow, congrats to your young men! Those pictures are fantastic! They are quite handsome too. :)