Thursday, September 10, 2009

CoolDude turns ELEVEN !!!

CoolDude was DESPERATE for a bearded dragon for his birthday. Of course I was not that keen 'cause I don't shack-up well with reptiles or rodents. He was adamant that a bearded dragon would be the present of his dreams until .......... he stayed over at Thomas' house one night.

Thomas has two of these creatures. CoolDude came home the next day with his mind made up . He definitely DID NOT want a bearded dragon for his birthday present. " Mom Thomas' room stinks, and the whole night they kept scratching on the glass. I couldn't sleep at all!"

So the wise boy settled for a more sensible gift .... a 'super-dooper-graphics-card-thingy' which in the words of CoolDude, "Makes every other graphics card look pitifully sad!"

Cooldudes loves......
  • to cook and bake
  • red .... because Ferrari's are red!
  • his sister dearly ... and is VERY protective over her
  • music .... the loud and fast genre
  • friends .... he is very social
  • to make us laugh .... particularly when he does his funny leprechaun dance!
  • expensive and smart cars ... he is the car guru!
  • strategy computer games
  • his six pack ..... and is very proud of it! hehe
  • competitive swimming
  • action movies .... Will Smith is his favourite actor.
We love you CoolDude ..... you are a very special boy !

!!Happy B-Day!!


Diane said...

Happy Birthday CoolDude!

Jerelene said...

I hope CoodDude had a great birthday...he sounds like a wonderful young man...I especially like that he is protective of his sister..what a sweet guy!
Love, Jerelene

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...


LOL about the dragon. Awesome that he got to learn that in time!