Monday, September 7, 2009

Our 'Princess of Wonderland' is FIVE... yikes!

Still feeling traumatized from Miss Tanzi's fourth Birthday party(it bucketed down) , I decided to down scale this years celebration and to have her party at school, during school time. Nevertheless it was still a very special time where she was acknowledged and honoured by her peers. I could see she enjoyed being Queen amidst her subjects!!

They sang a few songs, did a beautiful worship dance to Jesus, and they played a round of musical chairs ...........
Then they did the cake ........ of course it was a princess castle .... just what Miss Tanzi had asked for. She kept her eye on Conner most of the time!!



tamlovesran said...

Where does the time go? John Charles will also be 5 in November. Glad her day was special.

Eileen said...

This is adorable!
It looks like all the children had such fun! So glad your daughter could enjoy her special day this way!

It's amazing to see all the children barefoot! That would never happen here!
They look so carefree! I love it!
All the best,

Jerelene said...

I wish I had seen this sooner..but I've been sick. I hope Miss Tanzi had a wonderful birthday. She is definately a princess. Adorable, pretty and sweet! Please give her belated birthday wishes on my behalf :)
The pictures were sweet of her with the little crown and them dancing around so happy...the most wonderful time of your be a child :)
Love to you!!! Jerelene