Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Almost done ..........

WizzKid has completed 4 out of his 6 exams. He writes them at home with me adjudicating. I am NOT allowed to have any communication with him, and I cannot look at the finished paper. Once completed I have to seal it immediately in a brown envelope and post it off to the British International College in Johannesburg who in turn posts it to Cambridge, England. It is marked and sent back to S.Africa.

(taking a break)
My oh my ...... this has been hard as I have SO wanted to take a quick peek at his completed papers. Tomorrow he writes his biggie ..... it is Computer Studies & IT. He is in Grade 8 but because of his high aptitude in this subject they have allowed him to write the Grade 10/11 exam(IGCSE/O level) . It is so complicated and way over my head ..... thankfully, MrGee has stepped in and tested him.

!!! Vasbyt seun !!!
("hang in there son")


KC said...

Oh Wow... it has to be hard not to be able to see them.. Best of luck to him and to you.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

how did he do on the test? that would be soooo hard! but congratulations on a job well done-- that he has this opportunity is just awesome.