Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unprofessional 'Professional'.

MrGee has been man down for the last 4 days.... S-H-O-C-K! This is a man who is very active; who is often referred to by family members as being 'restless' because he battles to sit still even for short periods of time!
MrGee has been bed ridden for 4 days many thanks to a very negligent Dentist! Mrgee tells me I give way too much detail when I explain a situation so I am going to try and give you the short version.
"MrGee had incredibly sore tooth---> goes to dentist--> dentist takes ex-ray and says "nothing wrong"--> polishes his teeth -->MrGee says"I'm in pain!"--> dentist administors injection for pain and sends him on his way -->5 hours later MrGee is in excrutiating pain--> I dose him with Synap Forte(strong pain killer) every 4 hours-->his blood pressure reaches 175/115-->he starts to ask weird questions, we are both seriously worried-->in morning(Sunday Morn) I take him to emergency unit--> injection for pain/anxiety is administered--> MrGee is released feeling a little better--> injection wears off--> back to square one-->no sleep for both of us that night-->following day MrGee barges into dentistry practice and demands attention NOW-->after major scene another dentist takes ex-ray--> she finds large abcess-->we find out first dentist took ex-ray of wrong tooth! --> potent antibiotics are prescibed-->MrGee returns home feeling relieved--> he starts to feel worse as day progresses--> he feels nauseous and is asking even stranger questions-->rest of day is spent drugged on heavy meds and antibiotic-->following morn he visits third dentist--> tooth is pulled immediately--> infection is in bone-->MrGee returns home and lies in bed for rest of day!-->10 hours after pulling of tooth and he feels a little better. Hopefully tomorrow morning will bring some relief to MrGee.
If only the first dentist had ex-rayed the correct tooth, things would have been a whole lot less painful for MrGee........... she should be taken to task!!


meNmykids said...

Oh No! I hope the rest of his recuperation goes a bit more smoothly. Poor guy.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

W.O.W. I'll say she should be taken to task!! That isn't good! Hope and pray he feels better very quickly! Glad it is finally taken care of properly!

Halfmoon Girl said...

Oh gosh, that is horrible!!! Going to the dentist can be painful enough when the right diagnosis is made, but when they get it wrong- OUCH!!!!

Gill said...

Nooo!!! That's shocking! Hope he feels better soon. What a horrible experience for all of you!

Jerelene said...

I will be praying for a quick recovery from this....that is terrible that they put him through all that...terrible :(
A toothache hurts so bad!!

ByHISgoodGrace said...

That's terrible. I remember R having a horrible abscess...he was in enormous pain, but he had to have surgery on the gum! Poor Mr. Gee...!
Thanks for your FB note. You are so sweet. I got the hug!

Shan said...

Oh Fifi, an abscess in the mouth can indeed be very dangerous. I'm so glad he insisted on finding a dentist who could help. I have worked in the past as a dental assistant for a decade or so in surgery and general dentistry and have never seen such ineptitude! That is just not right. It is not rocket science. If there is pain it should be investigated and diagnosed! Good grief!

Mr. G doesn't need this on top of his other health issue. boo

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

oh no! that makes me hurt just thinking about it!

how is he feeling now?