Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wahooooo .......

The boys and I received a very special, surprise package from Texas!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you Marsha, Austin and Noah!
What an interesting assortment of American /Texan/ Southern goodies. WizzKid and CoolDude were elated, they just LOVE anything American! Noah and Austin...... that american car is sitting on CoolDude's bookshelf ..... he fought to claim it!(He says a big thanks.)
And the Costa Rican coffee beans ?........ well I saw it as a sign from the Lord.(hehe) My brother asked me a few days ago if MrGee and I wanted to buy his almost new, super-dooper coffee machine. I was umm'ing and ahh'ing ......... but when I received this beautiful smelling bag of beans and I just knew the Lord was saying "Get the machine Fifi, get the machine Fifi." So we will be sipping on our first cuppa in a few days.
We were all very intrigued by the Astronaut Ice Cream Sandwich. We broke it up into 5 equal pieces and savoured the experience as it swelled and melted in our mouths! It tasted exactly like the real McCoy.
This last pic is of a couple of packet sauces that Marsha and her family love. The packet on the right had a note that said .... "We love this over chicken fried steaks and biscuits, very southern!"
After reading this aloud we all (in unison) cried, " Biscuits?"
You see..... this is what we call a biscuit in South Africa......

......... so dear Marsha and fam .... please tell us what 'biscuit' it is that you pour this gravy over, 'cause I am sure it ain't anything like our S.A. biscuit!


Eileen said...

Oh, that is sweet! That was a great idea!

And I love the difference in the meaning of words! My husband works with people from England and they too laugh at our meaning of biscuits! We tell them that their 'biscuits' are cookies!

And we are not from the South so a few things are foreign to us when we visit there, I have never had gravy for breakfast but they seem to serve it with every meal! And they laughed at me when I asked what it was, they looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Uh, it's GRAVY!" And they laughed and laughed when I said that I only serve gravy with dinner.

All the best,

Beth said...

That is so fun!! No, you're right--we do NOT pour gravy over cookies!!! :) I'm sure Marsha can help you with a great recipe, but if you need one, let me know. I grew up with gravy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a wonder I could fit through the front door!

Fifi said...

Oh my gosh Beth .... the thought of gravy for breako makes me want to upchuck!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

hahaha! that is sooo funny! do not put the gravy over cookies!

i had forgotten about the different terminology. when my boys were little, they liked to watch that cartoon "Kipper the Dog"... kipper was always having adventures and eating chocolate biscuits. :) the boys grew up pronouncing bananas like "buh-nah-nuz". (ok, that probably doesn't make sense to you).

i am surprised you got the package so quickly. i wish i had room for more goodies in there!

you should've seen me filling out the customs form... i couldn't figure out the different parts of your addy as far as which exactly is the street, city, province or whatever you call it. :) i am such a goob.

here is a recipe for biscuits that would go well with the gravy.

so what do you call them in S Africa?

Jerelene said...

What a package of goodies!! But yes...the biscuits look to be what I would call cookies too :)
Biscuits and gravy are a common breakfast here...along with eggs and bacon or sausage...and they often put sausage in the's a white, milk gravy though :) We also have pancakes, french toast and cereal...
I would love to know what you have for breakfast there...:)That would make an interesting post...

Anonymous said...

hi fee,
biscuits are like scones in sa, americans eat them for breakfast with a white gravy stuff, to make the gravy they cook stuff like pork and then use the fat to make a gravy, we all had traditional biscuits and gravy for breakfast on sat, actually quite nice, although strawberry jam and cream could be better,
breakfasts are often sweet like waffels and pancakes with syrp,
also the chilli is like mince and beans that you add that spice to and then make taccos or add with hamburgers, you often eat chilli on its own as a starter , not hot like chilli. our friends here find our sa biscuits odd as they are hard and they do not like rusks at all, the american biscuits/ cookies are soft and chewy with chocolate, anyways glad you enjoyed the package, keep well, love cath

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