Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's my book on boundaries?

This week Miss Tanzi and I started our learning adventures together. I can see we are going to have many hours of fun and laughter. We are using the Sonlight curriculum, but because she is only in Grade R(0) I am taking a more relaxed approach and will not bombard her with hectic-history and serious-science! This year is all about enjoying each other...... and along the way I'm sure we'll learn loads. I do believe I will need to set some firm boundaries with my dear Tanzi as she has the habit of taking control of a situation and wanting to be the boss!(I wonder where she gets that from ? moi? ..... no never!)
I open her brand new maths book and page to lesson 1 ........

Me: "Okay sweetie let's read the instruction at the top of the page."
Miss Tanzi: "Mom I know what to do!"
Me: "But it's important to read the instruction, to know exactly what to do."
Miss Tanzi: "But I can see what to do!"(she shows me ...... and yip she is correct.)
Me: "T-a-n-z-i ....*trying to be patient*.... we are always going to read the instruction! Do you understand?"
Miss Tanzi: "Y-e-s mom...... but I'm very clever hey?"

After our little conversation, I realise I need some serious brushing up on setting boundaries... Henry and John where is your book, I need it!!!


Eileen said...

Oh, my, you seem to have your work cut out for you!
And she's so adorable ~ how do you argue with her?!
Good luck!
All the best,

Gill said...

LOL! Sounds SO much like my Paula :-) The thing is Paula IS bright and like Tanzi, more often than not she IS right, so it does make it really difficult to set the boundaries! Paula is nearly 15 and this is something we still struggle with on a daily basis.... although she is (usually!) an obedient girl, she loves to do things HER way and doesn't like being told what to do and how to do it.... (and it pains me to say it, but she doesn't get this gene from her Dad LOL!!)