Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching my breath ..........

The boys have almost completed their fourth week at their new schools. Wow! It has been busy! Within the first month the boys have each done an English, Afrikaans and Zulu oral. Cooldude has written two English stories,a book review and had numourous tests in each subject!! WizzKid has had cycle tests every Wednesday and Saturday..... YES, he has school on a Saturday! At the moment he is working on a Science Expo ......... I am exhausted I can't imagine how they must feel.
Because the boys have swimming(2 hours) every day, they have to do all their homework after 7:30 pm. Yes-siree-bob, our lives have changed 180 degrees. Boy do I miss those homeschooling days when we would eeeeeaase into the day ..... learn a whole lot of interesting stuff ..... and effortlessly glide into the evenings. I feel like all day long I am screaming orders ... "Hurry up!" "Get in the car!" " We're gonna be late!" .......... hmmmm. breath. breath.


Chasity said...

Whew, that makes me tired too. Poor fellows. I sure it will get easier for you and them. You made the decision for the better of your family, and God will bless that for sure. Maybe you and Tanzi could take naps in the afternoon, lol. I am sure Tanzi would not go for that, huh? haha
Be blessed,

ByHISgoodGrace said...

Wow, what a change. Do you feel that this private school is stronger academically than hs? Just wondering.

Fifi said...

Hi K. to answer your question..... I don't know if private school is stronger,as the boys(after4 years of hs) are definately above average and getting great marks.
I have such mixed feelings......I still believe homeschooling is the way to go .... but something I have realised these past few weeks, is that the school scenario creates a platform for their talents to be exposed and recognised.... eg. I have always known Jamie was a very good story writer,but did not know how to help him in that area(I'm more of a maths girl) and they picked that up within the second week of school and are excited about entering some of his writings into school competitions.
With everything there are pros and cons K.
I do miss hs terribly though..... Mrgee has said that we will see how this year goes.I do like to take it year by year.
Love Me xoxo