Thursday, February 11, 2010

The latest addition to our family ......

............ please welcome 'Stella' the dwarf bunny.(Named after a girl in the Jonas Brother's sitcom.... Tanzi's favourite show!)
The last experience we had with the rabbit variety was not a good one.... in 2001 we were given two really cute bunnies that became two HUGE, biting angora rabbits that kicked the poop out of us. Both met their deaths gruesomely. One was poisoned by our neighbour and the other broke his back whilst trying to get away from our cheeky Jack Russell, Roscoe.
We are hoping for a very different outcome this time round. Yes, I know us Gibbons' have a bad track record with pets but I have a very good feeling about this little one. She has a cracker of a personality and is seemingly 'low maintenance'.
(mantra...."I will get over the fact that she gnawed through my mouse cord... I will get over the fact that she gnawed through my mouse cord....hhmmmmmm.")


Michelle said...

oh how cute!

we love the jonas brothers around here too!

tamlovesran said...

Bunnies are so cute! Don't feed it any store bought bagged salad mix, that's how we lost ours. Too many toxins for little bunnies.

Jerelene said...

What cuties!! I bet Miss Tanzi will have lots of fun with him :) Hope everything is going well with you and your family....
I will try to get a letter out to you very soon. I'm sorry I've not wrote you in a while...forgive me :)
Hugs to you Fifi :)

My Journey to Health said...

I think you handled the mouse cord chewing very well!! I'd probably have asked the neighbour where I could get some of that poisen!

I always love reading your blog..never a dull momet i the Gibbon home!!

Pleeeeze can we do a play date...Chloe is desperate for some fun time with a friend, it will probably be the last time..I leave in two or three weeks and the kids come down at the end of term with my mom in law.

...and I'd like you to show me how to set a blog page nicely, to confusing for my brain, converting pictures to a html..??? Whatever....will email you to check when.


Kate said...

This one looks to cute to be bad!!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* Adorable!!! :) The Girl is quite fond of Jonas Brothers at our house, too!! Seems like a running theme for most houses!

We had pet bunnies for a while. Eventually mommy sent them outside and they are all doing well and breeding like, well... rabbits.

One thing that is stressed is to not let them get bored. Play with them a lot, etc. (A bored bunny?? Really?!) You can even buy toys for bunnies around here. Sheesh.

Eileen said...

Well, she looks cute anyway! And she sure puts a smile on your daughter's beautiful face! Sweet!

Thanks for your kind comments to me, I appreciate it.

I'm without a computer so can't blog for awhile, I just borrowed my husband's PC to visit.

Take care and enjoy your new pet!
All the best,

Zoya Akhter said...

aww thats so cute! :)
Stella is a very unusual name for a bunny but not for a jonas bros fan :)