Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 'R-Word!'

A couple of weeks ago everything was just so 'random' ..... 'life was random', 'that song was so random', 'he was totally random'.
Well, according to WizzKid and CoolDude, it was! (I do promise to NEVER use the word RANDOM again after this post.) Oh yes, it had become an issue ... a minor one ....but never the less an irritating issue in the Gibbons' household. Whenever the boys couldn't find a suitable adjective they would slot in the 'R- WORD'! Of course in their eyes it was the coolest word around but I saw it as pure laziness!
Then ...... Miss Tanzi
exclaimed, "My outfit looks so random!" I nearly went into cardiac arrest.... heck, my 5 year old has caught this terrible disease?
Hearing 'random' in stereo is bad, but hearing it in surround sound is 'Helsinki' ..... so, I banned the use of 'RANDOM' ..............
f-o-r-e-v-e-r !!
I am happy to say that two weeks down the line they have all forgotten about that random word .... except me, who has it permanently etched on my left-side brain!


Mrs. Guthrie said...

*lol* Oh no! Don't you just *love* the fad words?!?! :)

Shan said...

OH Fifi! You kill me. So fun and funny you are. I don't think random has had a craze over here yet but there have been other things to make me twitch. :)

I clearly remember a time when I was a kid where my mom told me I wasn't allowed to say "dumb pickle" anymore. I have no idea why I would have wanted to say it in the first place but I've always been a little off.

I try not to say "amazing" right now because it is currently being overused by adults!

Michelle said...

heehee! instead of random around our house its "cool" everything is

Anonymous said...

I love your blogs and want you to know that I will be saying a prayer for your hubby. Blessing to you ~

Cheryl Johnson said...

Sorry, that above comment was from me ~ I don't have an account so - Cheryl Johson

Jerelene said...

That is so funny! The kiddos here like using the word awesome :)
Hope your hubby is doing well...I think of you and keep you in my prayers dear friend :)
Do you still want to pen-pal? I was going to try to get a card together to send you...miss hearing from you...I know life keeps us busy ;)
Hugs to you!! Jerelene