Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life's lessons can be harsh ....

CoolDude tried out for the soccer team today. Oh my word!!!
I knew the outcome before he even tried but I didn't want to crush his enthusiasm by saying something negative. He was so excited!

You see ...... CoolDude has never played in a soccer team before. In fact he never even kicks the ball around at home.
Now ........ he was about to try out for the position of goalie at a VERY competitive school, consisting of some VERY good soccer players!

As CoolDude hopped into the car afterwards, he stated .... " I SUCK AT SOCCER!" I replied "YES YOU DO MY SON!" We both had a good laugh and then we had the 'how-we-can't-be-good-at-everything' talk. My heart felt terribly sore as he told me how a Grade 7 boy had shouted at him that he was a terrible goalie. Life's lessons can be harsh(especially when you are eleven), but I was SO proud of how CoolDude handled the situation with understanding and maturity. You rock my precious boy!! ;)


Kate said...

Good for him and what a great mom he has!!

Mrs. Guthrie said...

Aw! How awesome that he handled it well!!