Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our first MudMan.

The Mudman event consists of a swim,cycle, and run. This one was held at Albert Falls, Kwazulu Natal. It was tough but all three kiddios loved it! CoolDude and WizzKid swam 375m(easy!),cycled 10km and ran 2,5km(hard!)....... Both did very well.
Above.... CoolDude in the red shorts in the middle of pic.(he came 19th out of the 58 in his age group)
Above ....WizzKid racing to the finish!(he came 4th in the 14-16 yrs)
Above.... Cooldude in red on the left, sprinting as fast as his legs can go!
Above: No flies on Miss Tanzi.... she ran like a pro. On the home straight all the under 6's(bar one) ran past, looked for their parents, gave them a wave and toddled on by. Not our Miss Tanzi!!! She was SO focused and serious about the race that she put her head down, pumped those arms faster and bolted for the finish line. We didn't get a wave... not even a glance! hehe
Above...... The reward .... her first medal!
LOOK ...... she did the entire race with shoes on the wrong feet! Isn't that hilarious?
MrGee was not with us but hopefully we can all be together at the next event in early April.

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