Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miss Tanzi's first ballet concert ....

Unfortunately we couldn't take pics of the concert ..... so here she is just before we headed off to the big event!

As I uploaded this pic i was reminded of a funny poem I wrote about Miss Tanzi .... 4 years ago!

Ode to Miss Tanzi - ( to be sung to 'My Favourite Things' from The sound of Music.)

Reading and drawing and loving her baby
eating the food off our plates drives us crazy!
Climbing the windows when nobody sees!
These are a few of her favourite needs!”

Dancing and singing and sitting on kitty
Ballet toes pointing and hair that looks pretty!
wrecking the boys room and causing a fuss
oh what a handful is all this chaos!

Hair clips and perfume and Teddy called Boon Boon
Gazing at stars, moon and popping bright balloons!
Bathing and rubbing soap into her eyes
Oh! What a blessing she’s brought to our lives!

She has asked me to call her 'God's Girl' ........ and I definitely will ..... but she will always be my 'bestest girl' ever!!


Shan said...

OH [sniff, sniff] PRECIOUS!! I love her pointy toe and you know I sang that in my head in my best Julie Andrews. It was lovely. :)

ByHISgoodGrace said...

So the song. You both look like beauties. xoxo