Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Who would have thought .......

The student advisers at the British International Distance College(Cambidge) said WizzKid would manage well with their Grade 10 and 11 Curriculum, (even though he was only in Grade 9). So 6 weeks ago WizzKid signed up for Science,Biology and English.

The beauty of this system is that they work 90% on their own.... when they are stuck and do not understand something they are encouraged to find out the answer for themselves. Google and reference books being the preferred mediums. Students are able to contact a tutor, but we have found it takes way too long for a response from them!

He was finding the work fine until today. After a morning of frustration WizzKid came to me with the news that he could not find a solution for a chemistry problem. My first response was "Let's have tea." Which we did.

After we were sufficiently replenished, I read his manual on 'Ionic Binding' and then ...... *choke,choke* ..... proceeded to explain to him what ionic binding was! Even more shock ....... HE TOTALLY GOT IT!!
So yes ...... who would have thought that a marmie who did science 20 odd years ago(and not so well) would be able to teach her son today! *whoop,whoop*


meNmykids said...

The beauty of homeschool, we get schooled (or reminded) along with them. I'm a ton smarter than before I started teaching the kids.

ByHISgoodGrace said...

NICE!!!!! Good Job Marm!

Shan said...

Ha! Awesome! Well, I would have never doubted YOU. Me, always. I am home schooling the first grader and I'm thinking ions won't come up at all.

Now, the seventh grader in public school taking pre-algebra may be seeking help outside the family but the first grader we have covered. ;)