Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Call it vanity ......

At the mo I am sitting in a B&B in Johannesburg all by myself ..... and happy to be catching a break from the business of my offspring!!
WizzKid is at swimming training with his old club and MrGee has taken CoolDude and Miss Tanzi to a movie.
As I type, I keep turning my head and smiling into the mirror beside me! Yes I am loving this quiet time ...... but even more so, I am admiring my beautiful pearly whites! I had them whitened today and they look just fab.
Take a look at this gorgeous pic of me(not!) ......... hehe
Some gnashers ..... aren't they!
Am I the only vain girl around?


Shan said...

HA! They are!! I'd be doing the same thing. Mine are the color of caramel right now AND I AM A (formal) DENTAL ASSISTANT!! To the bleach machine I should go!! Gorgeous dahling. :D

Diane said...

You are so funny!

They do look beautiful! I had to put my sunglasses on to admire them. :)

Oh, what i'd do to have mine whitened too- very expensive here.