Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sorry CoolDude ......

CoolDude got a fish tank for his 12Th birthday. He had been wanting an aquarium for a long time and after falling 'in love' with the beautiful salt water fish, he decided on a marine tank.
We got alot of advice from the manager of a local pet shop who seemed to know what he was talking about ..... well, that's what we thought!
Yesterday tragedy struck!!!
The sea anemone and soft coral that he introduced to his tank a couple of days ago .... died.
As CoolDude removed the sea anemone from the tank a clown fish nipped at his hand. Obviously the two had formed a strong bond and she was clearly angry that her new best friend was being removed.
NOW WE FIND OUT ....... after speaking to an expert on marine fish, that the lighting and the filter we were sold are far from adequate. *So frustrating*
CoolDude was upset but it was Miss Tanzi who wouldn't stop crying ..... "I'm crying for Cooldude," she sobbed.
SO..... the tank stands a little less full, but at least healthy since we got the dying creatures out. We have all learnt a valuable lesson ..... GO STRAIGHT TO THE EXPERT!


Anonymous said...

marine fish tanks are a of work but so rewarding, we loved all our tanks over the years, alas now we are reduced to goldfish and beta fish after years of insane marine tanks, very sweet that the clown fish loved his dead friend, thats covenant, cody will have so much fun with his tank, love cath

Kate said...

Great present - hope all goes well with it from here on out!