Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If at first you don't succeed.......

CoolDude is fascinated with his first marine fish tank. It is wonderful to see him so focused and dedicated to 'his fish world.'
Unfortunately we had 2 more fatalities. Another 'hardy' sea anemone as well as his beautiful 'Dory' fish kicked the bucket! He was very frustrated and heart sore.
We had the water tested and it was perfect..... so we have introduced a shrimp and 3 soft corals ...... they all seem to be doing well. *holding thumbs*

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meNmykids said...

We just started an aquarium again too. Ours is the simple non salt one, much easier and in our house the only realistic way to go. Yours is beautiful and I'm amazed that you have had the success that you have. Good luck! Hope the new additions become old and lively ones!