Friday, February 11, 2011

Facebook Friday

~ traumatic hour at the dentist..... Tanna had two teeth pulled(both had abscesses) and a filling. Codey had a huge filling and Fischer sealing done to his molars. Miss Tanzi cried for an hour afterwards. boy i'm exhausted
~ did my first cardio in months..... relaxing with fam.... waiting for Jamie to return home from Mudman.
~ my son is 5cm taller than me!! When did that happen?
~ Teenagers are a blessing!
~ I am inadequate without You.
~ my 6 year old daughter remarked after smelling the bowl of lillies... " Your flowers smell like effluent!"
~ Watching My FairLady with the kids.
~ This weekend looks frightening!!
~ I am sooooo missing Dubai..... and Bath..... and London.

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