Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Day in London.

We travelled by train from Heathrow Airport to Gloucester Tube Station. Lugging our baggage's through the tubes whilst trying to keep an eye on all family members was quite stressful! A short walk brought us to the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum Hotel. After 2 refreshing hours in our rooms, we were ready to hit London!

Very quickly, we became familiar with the tubes.
Our first stop in London was Westfield Mall. Why a Mall? Well WizzKid and CoolDude had saved up enough money to buy iPhone 4's and MrGee and I wanted to get the buying of them over with so that the nagging would end!
After the Apple Store experience the boys were content and happy to head home.
But before hitting the sacks we needed to eat, so we went to an authentic Italian Restaurant just across from our hotel. It was a dive.... but we were SO hungry we didn't care.

Isn't the decor stylish? While we were waiting for our food the female cook had a HUGE fight with our waitress ( who was the owner). We laughed at the rantings of the ladies and at the English/Italian swearing that proceeded, we were so tired and hungry we stayed put.
We just needed food!


meNmykids said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you had a spectacular trip.

Gill said...

I loved reading your FB updates while you were away and am going to enjoy reading the blog posts even more! We leave on 16 June, also flying with Emirates, via Dubai. I'm already stressing over the flying part!

Amanda said...

What was your hotel like in London?

Kate said...

Never a dull time with your family!