Monday, March 7, 2011

One of the best decisions we ever made!

We are into our six year of homeschooling.
It's mind blowing to think that we have stuck at it for this long. I started homeschooling CoolDude in 2005 just to give him a gap year and to allow him to mature emotionally. The whole 'Boys take longer to mature' is a truth! The plan was to stick him back, a year later, into mainstream schooling for Grade 2. You can read about that HERE. (of course we didn't)

We did have a years break from home-ed, in 2008, when all three kids were put back into a private school the year we relocated from Johannesburg to Natal. I felt they needed to make friends in a new Provence and the plan worked well. Oh yes, there was a very short period(at the end of 2009) when MrGee stuck the boys back into private schooling when we were going through a difficult time in our marriage ....

BUT now we are all home and LOVING it.
Don't get me wrong..... it's hasn't always been a bed of roses. We have had our challenges but we find it works well for our family, and the kids have more time after school to focus on what inspires and motivates them. CoolDude LOVES guns, target shooting, marine fish and base guitar. WizzKid loves his electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Biology and triathlons.

Both have an Internet Business selling second hand goods on BiD or BuY and being home schooled frees them up to pursue their areas of interest instead of having to attend senseless after school requirements at a regular school.

Oh ....and of course our most recent addition to Gibbons Funschool is Miss Tanzi. Our little mathematician, crafter, psalmist and dress designer. She told me the other day "I might be a model.... maybe a famous singer ...... but mom, I really love designing clothes!"

I feel so blessed being Miss Tanzi's teacher and seeing her blossom before my eyes. I'm experiencing her growth in education and character first hand. She is my 'Gods Girl' and our learning together is creating a beautiful bond between us. Of course, I am fervently reading James Dobsons book, 'Bringing Up Girls'. His insight is such a help...... and I need it daily!

Thank you to the 'angel' who suggested we homeschool 6 years ago.

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ByHISgoodGrace said...

Well, you know you are MY angel about homeschooling!