Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Little Red Hen

Cooldude is an amazing boy. He has such a compassionate and caring heart. He had been studying all afternoon, and had had enough! As I called for Miss Tanzi to brush teeth and get in bed, he said " I'll read her a good night story." I was like ..... " Son,are you sure?" 
"Oh yes mom, I'll have fun."
Miss Tanzi's favorite book was located and Cooldude began reading "The Little Red Hen." 
I started to hear shrieks of laughter so I giraffed my head in and found out that Cooldude had put a spin on the story........ It was now called "The Little Red Suicide Bomber Hen." 

She was in stitches ...... Cooldude you rock as a big brother! Xx

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