Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So Grateful.

We started visiting a new church a couple of months ago....CityHill in Hillcrest. Steve Wimble(the pastor) is a brilliant teacher of the word and we always leave church encouraged and equipped with practical 'tools' that can be implemented in our lives.

(side note..... Steve Wimble's son is one of the boys who cornered Miss Tanzi and stole her chocolate! Luckily he escaped the wrath of her chompers... the other guy was not so lucky!)

Anyhow... this past Sunday Steve spoke about gratitude and being thankful for what we have.

I decided to reflect upon my blessings, so thank you Jesus for.............

MrGee's new kidney
healthy, happy, life-loving children
a beautiful home and garden
an architectural job
a domestic worker 
true friends... Marcia and Pauline 
the 8 years I got to home-school my children
the leafy suburb of Hillcrest we live in (it's really beautiful!)
a Hubby who is faithful, dependable, hard working and a wonderful father
2 cats who fight to sleep on my side of the bed each night
the beautiful pinky/orange colours in Your sunrise
technology (blogging memories and catching up with Facebook buddies) 
a reliable car
family that have not emigrated overseas. We are all still in South Africa... this is quite amazing!
my health
............... and there is so much more.

It's all about what we focus on.
As Pastor Steve encouraged "Think of a doughnut.... we can choose to see the hole or the delicious ring of pastry!" So simple, yet great reminder.


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