Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coming to America .......

MrGee leaves for New York today. He is hoping to visit Atlanta to get a feel of this state. We have done a little research, and we like the look of Lake Allatoona.
Cummings could be an option. Have any of you blogging girls visited this area? Any advice about Georgia and settling there? We will be homeschooling so schools are not a worry. WizzKid is a good swimmer so we would need to be near a professional swimming facility. CoolDude loves his tennis so we would need to be close to a good tennis club, and Tanzi is a budding gymnast so having those facilities near by would be great too!
Any advice?

(BTW....... It's official........ We will be returning to homeschooling in Jan 2009. Both WizzKid and CoolDude will be returning home and they are thrilled! MrGee and I are very excited about it too!)



Gill said...

Wow Fee! How exciting to be planning a big move. Funnily enough my hubby was saying the other night that it is perhaps time we entered the green card lottery! Looking forward to hearing about your plans.

Mrs. Guthrie said...

HOW AWESOME!!! :) Nope, can't help you on that area... I DO know that it is about 10 - 12 hours from us. :) Does THAT help?? ;)

Diane said...

I live in North Florida so Georgia is sooo close to me! Oh Fee, the possibility of us meeting one day makes me so giddy. :)

I don't know anything about that area though. I have family memembers who vacation in GA in some cabins, that's my extent of anything GA. Just get ready for the GA accent.

Big Red Driver said...

Georgia is only about 4 states south of West Virginia. We'd practically be neighbors!
Don't know much about Georgia either.

ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Hey there, MrGee let my hubby know about that...have you guys thought of looking in Cary, North Carolina. It is supposed to be amazing! We have friends near there--if I could pick anywhere to live in the States, it would be there probably. Be sure to check it out.

Marsha Marsha Marsha said...

What?! When did I miss the whole moving to America announcement?! Or is this it?

HOORAY for homeschooling again too! I am so excited for you and your family-- so many changes!

May God bless you abundantly and give y'all wisdom in all the decisions that lie ahead.


Gina said...

I don't know a lot about Cummings but Lake Allatoona is a nice spot! I'm sure Cummings is great as well since is relatively close. I also love the Lawrenceville area which is very near Lake Allatoona. Welcome to GA! Me and my family have a strong desire to travel to/live in Africa! Too funny!

Gina said...

PS - GA is VERY easy to homeschool in!

Kim said...

Oh my! How exciting!!! Woo Hoo!! Have you all lived here in the states before? Wonderful news about returning to homeschooling -
we will for sure be able to swap ideas then!!
I am not in GA and have never been, but have friends there and they love it.
Is this connected with your hubby's job? How do your kids feel about coming to America?