Sunday, August 2, 2009

From zero to fourteen ... way too quickly!

WizzKid turned 14 on the 25th July.

He had some friends over for the evening. The boys were a little outnumbered by the girls. But WizzKid reassured me that this was not a problem!!! He seemed quite happy with the boy/girl ratio. (hehe)
They played table tennis and snooker to the sound of loud, vibey music, and then they watched the movie 'Bed Time Stories.'
Dinner was Chicken Schnitzel Hawaiian burgers and pud was supposed to be a chocolate fountain, ..... but ...... "she not work!", so we made another plan.




Eileen said...

Wow, he's a popular kid! That's wonderful!
Happy, Happy Birthday!
All the best,

Gill said...

Happy Birthday Wizzkid! I can totally relate to the heading of this post. My Paula turned 14 in did that happen?? They are lovely at this age though aren't they? So cute and funny!