Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's going on .......

This post is going to be a hotchpotch of our news.

  • MrGee has managed to cut down his time away from the family during the week. He stays away for only one night a week now.
  • Miss Tanzi wants us to move to the USA because the Jonas brothers live there!
  • CoolDude has just had two blood vessels cauterized in his nose ..... good-bye to bloody noses at last.
  • WizzKid is excelling in his IGCSE Computer Studies.
  • I am back into my exercise program ...... Hallelujah!!!
  • The boys use the word "RANDOM" way too often in a sentence!
  • I overheard Miss Tanzi ask a friend "Do you know what gon@ds are?"
  • The boys and I are learning about India, it's intriguing people, Hinduism, and their strange and shocking practices.
  • We are reading "William Carey- Obliged to Go." - brilliant!!!
  • Our family has been visiting another church for the past three weeks. It's a new Covenant Church called Glenridge and we are LOVING it!
  • I have itchy fingers and desperate to do another room makeover ..... I'm sure MrGee will give me the go ahead soon.
  • Miss Tanzi wants to be a Dolphin trainer and a water ballet dancer!
  • Nelly, our domestic helper, has been off for 9 weeks now. I saw her yesterday, and I can see she is on the mend!
  • CoolDude has decided NOT to get a bearded dragon for his 11th Birthday. (Wahooooo .... I don't do reptiles) He wants a certain graphics card for his computer.
So that's a small taste of what's happening in our happy corner.



Eileen said...

Great post!
What a nice way to get everyone caught up on your family! Great idea!
All the best,

Diane said...

Fiona!!! I laughed out loud when I read what Tanzi asked her friend! hahahaha These little girls keep us on our feet!

I loved your little "catch up".

Love you!

Jerelene said...

Happy Birthday to Cool Dude!!
Whatever room you do will be beautiful!
Glad your hubby gets to be home more with all of you!
Have you got your card yet? It is on it's way to you :)