Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reaching out ...... ?

We own the old manor house within a small complex. The land surrounding the manor house was sub-divided into 13 plots and thirteen smaller homes were built. It is an ideal situation for our family as we feel less vulnerable then we would if we were living on a free holding. With MrGee being away every week, and with the crime in our country ,we feel it's the safer option.

The unfortunate part is ..... the thirteen houses that surround us are mainly owned by older, retired couples who feel that the complex should be run like a retirement village. PICKLES! ....... they can be PEDANTIC!
Do you remember when we felt obliged(or rather manipulated) into getting rid of Tiggy-Pooh? Well we couldn't go through with it. So, much to the horror of some of our neighbours, Tiggy is still with us.

One of the neighbours is particularly painful. They live in No 6. A couple of days ago Miss Tanzi came to me with a collection of things and asked me to pen some words to her papers.

The top picture says .... "No. 6 Dear People This letter is for you. from Tanna Gibbons"
The last piece of paper had two holes cut for eyes, and I had to write on it ....... " This is a mask for your eyes." Included in the collection was a 5c coin. Her instruction was to put these in No.6's post box.
Could this be her way of reaching out and trying to soften the ol' boogers? And the mask ? Perhaps a disguise to cover their shameful behaviour?(lol)

She cracks me up!


Mom 2 six said...

Very clever actually.

Eileen said...

Oh, this really touched my heart. I think children are always trying to make right any situation in their lives.
I love that she thinks along those lines, she has a giving way about her, I wish her neighbors were just as considerate!
Sweet girl!
All the best,

Jerelene said...

This was such a sweet post!! Little Miss Tanzi is such a sweetie! And, I bet she could just fix a lot of things if given the adorable...This made me smile...a lot :)
Have you got your card yet Fifi?
Hugs to you!! Jerelene